About us

The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering boasts a legacy of around seven decades of pedagogy and research in metallurgy and materials engineering. Like most of the other similar programs around the globe, the department was founded with the aim of excelling in activities on mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, and mechanical metallurgy. Over the years, the department has established its forward-looking characteristics by diversifying into numerous areas like energy materials, biomaterials, ceramics & composites, electronic and magnetic materials, and computational modeling - an approach that has served as a template for the wider academic community throughout the country.

  •     450+ UG & PG students
  •   100+  Research scholars
  • 100+ Research publication/year



The seed of our department was sown as early as 1952-53 when a heat treatment shop with a supporting metallography laboratory was attached to the mechanical department. However, the department had its own space with a floor area of only 10,000 sq. feet, which was housed in the old building of the Institute in 1956. The years 1962-63 saw the department breathing new life after transplantation into the current building.